For over 200 years, the science-based natural healing system of homeopathy has been successfully used by people of all ages. Homeopathy helps with physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and learning / concentration issues .

Homeopathic remedies are naturally derived, safe, and nontoxic. Kerry's vast homeopathic knowledge and in-depth case analysis provide for the  optimal remedy selection for your homeopathic care.

Welcome to Whidbey Homeopathic. Kerry McCaslin is a professionally trained classical homeopath located in Oak Harbor, WA. She helps her clients overcome illness and chronic conditions naturally and safely.

Whidbey Homeopathic

What my clients say

"My child is on the autism spectrum. Because of homeopathy, she is able to communicate much more effectively with family and her peers. Her remedy has also helped her become more organized with school work and keeping her room clean - what a bonus!"  A. D., Anacortes, WA

"My daughter recommended that I see Kerry when I got Shingles. The remedies I was given gave me immediate relief from the itching and pain this disease causes. I feel that homeopathic treatment really helped me recover much more quickly based on what some of my friends have experienced."  P. A., Oak Harbor, WA